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Dream becomes reality…….

What was a dream yesterday is reality today. Taking the kitchen market to a new level has long been the plan of Kimocon and its partners – the evolution of the kitchen.

In almost all areas of our lives, we allow technology and networks to make our lives easier and safer. Starting with the smartphone, through Amazon’s Alexa, to smart homes and autonomous cars, the “smart little helpers” make it easier for us to master everyday life and increased demands, except in the kitchen – until now.

In recent years, more and more people have developed a clear idea of how life can and will look in the future at home and especially in the kitchen.

“Evolution does not take place with the first glance, but with the second and third glance. Not only recognising what is important and desired today, but what will gain in importance tomorrow and the day after. This is an important process if you want to change the existing in a positive and meaningful way. Whoever buys a kitchen today, buys it for the next years and decades. Keep at it, test, analyse and finally optimise until the desired result is achieved. “

is the statement of an important partner of Kimocon.

Kitchen as the centre of intelligent living……

The idea behind it is simple – the kitchen becomes intelligent, with Smart Home. Not only the kitchen should be considered, but the home holistically. It’s fantastic when you come into the kitchen in the morning and with a simple sentence such as “Alexa – breakfast”, your favourite radio station starts, the light shines according to your wishes and the coffee machine already prepares your morning coffee or the kettle your morning tea. Or when you can set the right lighting atmosphere and desired music in the dining room while you prepare everything in your smart kitchen. How can this work? It’s simple – with the right networking and the right partner.

One app for all applications….

At Kimocon, we recognised early on what will be important in the future when it comes to smart homes, networking and integration into the central living space of the kitchen. We all know the problem of countless apps as soon as we have several Smart Home devices. Downloading, working with and configuring each individual device with different apps and their interfaces has driven some people to despair. The term “Plug & Play” quickly becomes a farce, especially if you want to combine several devices, because that’s what makes Smart Home useful in our view.

In our opinion, “one app for everything” was and is the only solution that leads to the desired result. We are all familiar with this! You buy a smart device, the advertising promises easy operation, the package says “Plug & Play”. In reality, it sometimes and very often does not work as desired. But “very often not as desired” or “sometimes” is simply not enough. Then it’s time to call the hotline or send an e-mail to the manufacturer, and you usually get advice back that you’ve already tried out anyway. Real support is very rare, and especially not when it is needed. Sometimes days go by before the manufacturer gives feedback. I know it myself from my circle of acquaintances: washing machine and dryer are smart devices, app downloaded from the various manufacturers, connection with the smartphone tried to be established and? Nothing works! The manufacturer was contacted and tried hard, but a functional solution could not be delivered – SmartHome should not work like that – and SmartHome does not work like that. Smart Home is individual, it has to be regulated on site and one has to know the environment, the customer, the wishes as well as his infrastructure. Support must be available 24/7, especially by telephone and not only by e-mail. In the end, it doesn’t matter much whether you already have Smart Home devices or whether you want to buy new Smart Home devices, it even doesn’t matter whether the Smart Home devices are from different manufacturers. “One app for everything” means “One app for everything”. You control and configure every common Smart Home device with Kimocon’s “One App for Everything”. Whether you want to quickly check what’s still in the fridge or whether the oven, dishwasher or washing machine are still running, everything works via our app.

Kimocon Smart Home Service starts with the installation of the kitchen…..

In addition, the second major goal from the very beginning was to keep the solution cost-effective, scalable and future-proof. And on top of that, we also offer the service mentioned above. If you wish, this can start as early as the installation of the kitchen. The configuration, networking and adaptation to your wishes and requirements are carried out by the Kimocon team until everything works as you expect and wish. And afterwards? The Kimocon team is also there for you – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you wish.

“You don’t have to adapt to the smart kitchen, but the smart kitchen adapts to you”.


the dealers’ reliable partner for SmartHome

Digitalisation does not stop at the kitchen. Actually, digitalisation in the kitchen already exists in the form of smart appliances. However, smart appliances alone do not bring anything that can be called “evolution”. There are always the same problems. It doesn’t run stably, different devices from different manufacturers require a lot of configuration work and the multitude of apps adds the rest to the confusion. The networking doesn’t work properly and you have to deal with different contacts who can’t really help.

Kimocon CEO Christian Hartmannsgruber:

“Smart home, is like the weather at Lake Constance. It changes from one day to the next, what was valid the day before is history the next day. Sometimes the predictions are right, sometimes not. With a sailboat on Lake Constance, you can quickly run into “difficult weather” and then have to react accordingly. I was always fascinated when the weather changes abruptly and the sailors know what to do, they adapt. Smart Home is similar. What is “HOT” today is “junk” tomorrow. Smart Home is constantly changing, like the weather. How do you make it work for you? You divide it into its components – like the weather. It can be cold, warm, rainy, sunny, frosty, windy, calm, foggy – we dress accordingly, carry an umbrella or a sun hat. With Smart Home, we have a network, interfaces, WLAN, voice control, smartphone, tablet, and this is the same for every manufacturer. The washing machine communicates via the network or WLAN with the smartphone and via the interface with Alexa, the smart light or the smart dryer does the same – i.e. the product is secondary, as is the manufacturer, what is important is one thing – how the devices communicate with each other – because that is always the same process. This makes it possible for Kimocon to adjust the devices and manufacturers to the customer’s needs. Now and in the future, no matter what new devices come onto the market that we don’t know about today. Then they also have to communicate with each other, via network, via WLAN via interfaces. Smart Home is like the weather on Lake Constance and Kimocon always has the “right clothes ready”.”

“Evolution” in the kitchen is something different. It means that existing and new things are brought into context. That everything functions and works together, like clockwork. That you don’t reinvent the wheel, but use new and existing things for different requirements. It means a further development, not only technologically, but usable for individual life situations, wishes and requirements. Networking is the keyword here and for this you need the right partner. Kimocon is the right partner for your “evolution in the kitchen”.


Contact us…….

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Further information about our smart home system platform can be found here (download PDF, 4 MB)


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